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The Shepherd's Guild

Ribs & Lobster Sale - "Holiday Feast"


Lobster and ribs on the menu for Shepherd's Guild fundraiser in Anderson

By Michael Staton Special to Upstate Be statonfacts@live.com  (Anderson Independent-Mail)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Shepherd's Guild has already become synonymous with Anderson's hugely successful Greek Festival every year. The religious organization, which donates to the Make a Wish Foundation and does outreach work in Uganda, is known for incredible cookouts that feature traditional Greek cuisine and high quality ribs.

However, Bill Stathakis, Shepherd's Guild chairman, is hoping to diversify the organization's approach to food by incorporating a Northeastern delicacy at this weekend's Holiday Feast. The ribs, fried shrimp and pork kebabs that have become staples of the menu all will be available, but the Guild is also having live Maine lobsters delivered the day of the event for some fresh grilled lobster rolls. Stathakis said he is excited about this addition to the menu and the positive response from people eager to dig into fresh lobster.

"We're always searching out new ideas for fundraisers," Stathakis said. "We're really testing the waters here for lobster."

Stathakis said this Holiday Feast will be just that; the emphasis won't be on live music or family activities so that the food can take center stage. While the Holiday Feast is certainly a family event and music will be on hand, Stathakis hopes people come with ribs and lobster on the brain first and foremost.

The event will run for nearly nine hours, but those who come between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. can enjoy happy hour prices on beer and wine while they tuck into various combinations of plates. Stathakis and his crew are offering half and full racks of extra meaty ribs alone or with fried shrimp, fries and slaw. Pork kebab plates also will be offered, but the main attraction will be the limited number of grilled lobster rolls, which consist of grilled lobster sautéed in seasoned butter served in a hot dog bun. Stathakis said that, thanks to some preplanning, he doesn't anticipate wasting a single lobster.

"I did some trial and error with frozen lobster for technique," Stathakis said. "But frozen loses taste. This will be the real thing with firm meat from colder water; I'm excited to taste it myself."

People who aren't into lobster or seafood can of course enjoy the unique Greek-and-Southern-fusion dry rub that has made the Shepherd's Guild's "not-yet-famous" pork ribs so famous. Stathakis hopes people will dine in at the Farmer's Market, but because of unpredictable weather the Shepherd's Guild is ready to fulfill as many takeout orders as possible. Stathakis doesn't care how or where the Guild's food is eaten; he just wants people to enjoy the Guild's proven food and some new additions.

"We had two events last year so we really wanted to get another one in before the end of the year," Stathakis said. "But we saw this as an opportunity to change things up and not get bored doing the same food all the time."

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Shepherd's Guild Christmas Fund and General Fund. If you want to donate directly to the Shepherd's Guild, contact the Shepherd's Guild at shepherdsguild.org or call 864.376.2471.