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The Shepherd's Guild

Outreach Activities


The Shepherd's Guild is a service organization for Orthodox Christian laypersons with the purpose to provide outreach to people through service (Diakonia) as "commanded by the Gospel (Matthew 25, 31-46: James 1, 27) and promulgated by St. Basil the Great of Caesarea and St. John the Almsgiver of Alexandria."

The Shepherd's Guild is a registered 501c3 charity with the Internal Revenue Service.

The Shepherd's Guild has been involved with outreach activities since the founding of the organization. Our past projects: "Bear in the Box", sending Christmas gifts and items to orphanages in Bulgaria, Greece and the Ukraine; "Vitamins for Villages", sending multi-vitamins and assistance to vulnerable children and prenatal vitamins to women in Uganda. Giving to monasteries in the Holy Land. And helping with community charities through our annual Anderson Greek Festival. -- The Guild's Wine Sales to benefit an Orthodox School for girls in Bethany (in the Holy Land) and local children outreach in South Carolina.

Bill Stathakis, Guild Chair in Jerusalem, 2014


To participate in the Guild's Wine Sales visit JJ Stathakis Package Store in Anderson, SC ... Must be 21 of age to purchase wine

"Vitamins for Villages"

Jovia with vitamins

Christine & Ian with vitamins

Our 2011 Christmas Fund photos:

Nalongo Family

Galiwango Family

Jja Jja Nakate Family

2nd Annual (2014) Olympic Car Show & Cruise-In at the Anderson Greek Festival to benefit the local Special Olympics >>


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